Container terminals in Moscow and Vladimir regions

Information about us

PRAKTIKA Company is a forwarder, that provides a full range of services from the moment the container arrives in Russian Federation to the moment of delivery of your container in China.
Today for your service:
Four container terminal in Moscow and Vladimir regions
Container ships for 20ft and 40ft containers
Own container loading involment
We have a great need for containers.
Monthly, we send 300-400 containers from Moscow. We offer to our costumers to store loaded and empty containers in our terminals,as well as transfer containers to us for use for return to China on favorable terms

Our services
  • Container storage
    Storage of 2ft and 40ft containers. Our terminals locate in Electrougli (Moscow region), in Shubino (Moscow region), in Kirzhach (Vladimir region)
  • Loadind and unloading
    Container loadind and unloading services

  • Monitoring
    Monitoring the movement of containers. Carring out photo-fixation of containers state

  • Relocation
    Service for relocation from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok to China
  • Return of containers
    Container return service from Moscow,Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ekatekinburg, Vladivostok to China
  • Re-export and temporary import
    Temporary import and re-export extension service
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Whi it is convenient to work with us?

  • Convenient location
    Convenient location of terminasl in Moscow region. Terminal of PRAKTIKA Company locate near the TLC Vostochniy and container terminal Kupavna. Terminal Shubino locate near the Domodedovo town, near the track A-107 and Central ring road. Terminal Kirzhach locate in Kirzhach town,Vladimir region.

  • Infrastructure
    Own equipment for loading and unloading containers:
    Reachtrackers XCMG for loaded and empty containers  3+ units
    Truck Cranes 25ft and 32ft
    Ganty cranes
    Container ships (more than 20 units)
  • We work so fast
    According the EFFEX software, the average time is 17 minutes for one car (lorry) for delivery and 13 minutes for container reception
  • Monitoring
    Morden effex software that gives an ability to work in English and Chinese languages is used in our terminals.It make possible to provide round-the-clock monitoring of containers movement,photo-foxation of containers stare during removing or placing
  • Multimodal transportation
    Road transport, rail transport, sea transport
  • Container repairing
    We carry out containers repairing of high and very high complexity

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